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MC Naveen

MC Naveen


Hello, Welcome to My Personal website.

Myself MC.Naveen, Founder of SOFTINTTECH, A Young upcoming Entrepreneur who aims to Change the world with New Technologies.

Here, I write about my Personal Opinions, Ideas and even more.

Peace ✌❤

Let her Bleed with Freedom

Welcome to the tabooed topic of All Time. It's none other than PERIODS. Are you feeling weird? why I'm marking that word in RED Color ?? I Just wanted to Indicate it as a Blood Color. Well. It's a Natural thing happens to every woman out there !! Including your Mom,...

Vijayawada Bloggers Meet by Sai Ramesh

Aww !!, This is my first post in my personal Blog. This post is about Vijayawada Bloggers meet organized by Sai Ramesh Anna. Vijayawada Bloggers Meet organized by Sai Ramesh Anna. Disclaimer: Like the Facebook Post included in this post 😛 Meeting at Unknown...

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