Hi, I’m MC Naveen Founder of SOFTINTTECH building digital assets to help people. I’m a Blogger & an Internet Marketer.

Hi, I’m MC Naveen Founder of SOFTINTTECH building digital assets to help people. I’m a Blogger & an Internet Marketer.

Vijayawada Bloggers Meet by Sai Ramesh

Aww !!, This is my first post in my personal Blog. This post is about Vijayawada Bloggers meet organized by Sai Ramesh Anna.

Vijayawada Bloggers Meet organized by Sai Ramesh Anna.

Disclaimer: Like the Facebook Post included in this post 😛

     Meeting at Unknown Location

Meeting is on November 30th, But my Journey started on Nov. 29th, We don’t know about the location where the meeting is. Even I didn’t expect the exact location.

While Traveling, I bought some Snacks to eat. Wait. I’m too active on Facebook(only for posting about food related stuff.)

Sai Ramesh Anna posted about the event in his timeline.

While he made this post, I’m on the way to Vijayawada in Train with my Classmate Prashant Kumar. After stepped into Vijayawada Railway Station OHH !! Wait it’s a Junction, not Station :P. I Called Sai Anna. LOL !! He’s in half of the sleep. Because I told him will reach your town at Night 11 pm. But I arrived actually at 5.30AM. He asked me to get out from the Junction and took an Auto. Sorry, I don’t know Telugu. He only talked with Auto Driver for Address. I thought auto driver know Hindi. So I asked my Friend to ask how much km the location is. He told something 7 (or) 8 km. I’m not sure. Then I went to His office. Oh, Sai Anna made a Hero Entry in his Scooter. Then He Showed his Office. Such an excellent place. The awkward thing is still I don’t know the street name of his office Even while writing this post.

Vijayawada Bloggers Meet

Then Anna got a Call from Pragadeesh Bro. I Call him as Social Spammer. Yeah Really. He’s about to reach Benz Circle. This is the Place where all vehicles from Tamil Nadu will come.(via).

So Sai Anna told us to come. We took his Scooter and Sai Anna on his Bike. I think Bajaj Avenger type bike. We waited up to 30 minutes. Then he arrived. We all come back to his office. Then I was playing with the Chair used by Sai Anna employees for the work. I don’t have a video. Maybe Sai Anna CCTV Camera Storage have 😛 Then we all Refreshed. Two Blogger from Delhi. Aditya Singh and Ashutosh Kumar Gupta are already staying there. They also get refreshed, and we all went to take breakfast. And Finally Breakfast Finished.

While Coming back to Room. We Saw Guava fruit packed with Chilli + Salt. Wait. I Posted about this in my Facebook Profile.

LOL !! Sai Anna saw my facebook update. And Called us to buy Fruit also for him.

Do you Agree Now ??? I’m So Popular in Social Media 😛

Time passed………. !! Yeah, It’s Lunch Time.


Sai Anna ordered Andhra Meals. Meals arrived. We Sat with his employees and had lunch. In Andhra, they are giving plates they look shiny and attractive 😛 they usually used for eating snacks in Tamil Nadu.

I Loved the Meals <3 Dhal, Cauliflower fry such a wow taste. Will eat more next time 😉 Don’t worry.

Then I started roaming around his office. Time passed… and playing with a Paper Weight which I found in Sai Anna Office.

Vijayawada Bloggers Meet

At 3’o clock Sai Anna told us to get ready. Then fellow bloggers started arriving at his office. Meeting is larger than I expected but it is not a meeting place. Heard meeting is somewhere on the island. I was SHOCKED !! I never traveled in the boat before. Me, Pragadeesh bro, Prashant Kumar and Vijay Bro took one auto.

    The Core Part

We went to the Place where Sai Anna told us to wait. We waited for more than 30 minutes. Then we moved to the another place where they all are at. I Saw to Girl Children Playing around. They said something to Vijay Bro in Telegu, I asked him. He told me. They are Mentally Disorder. And Finally Sai Bro Arrived.

We all arrived in the Place guided by Sai Anna. One Bro from  Vijayawada adventure club explained about this meet.


WOWW !! We are now 40 bloggers going to the island. We Sit in two boats which were tied with rope and operated with a Diesel motor.

While I getting into the boat. I was in Fear. I struggled until I took a seat. Thanks to Vijay Bro he only gave me a seat. And Finally after 10  mins of moving in the water we reached the island.

One Condition was proposed while getting into the boat. We all have to Definitely work in this Camp.

After reaching the island. We have some discussion after that. We Lighten a Campfire. We all went in a separate side to take wood for burning. Yes, we did it !!

Then we spread the Carpets, and we all are set. It’s time to self Intro. Before starting self-intro, they gave some snacks to eat. While the order number 17 came, we took our dinner.

Both Veg and Nonveg available. I ate nonveg. We Discussed a lot of topics and Aditya bro speech was superb. He said more about event blogging. Personally, I asked a lot of questions to all 😛 Then Gupta Bro speech. His speech is also superb. He said a lot about backlink building and Even more. Finally Our Pro-Blogger Sai Ramesh Anna Speech. He Said about his childhood I almost got tears in my eyes. Then At 1.30 AM I’m not felt ok. So I Went to sleep in the Tent which we were made before. After Getting into the tent. I Touched the tent cloth. It was so wet due to fog. I Slept. They were playing so fun outside near the campfire till next day morning. Suddenly I got a sound Naveen.. Naveen.. Wake up. It’s morning. Then I Woke up and roaming around the place in half of the sleep. We Packed up our things finally I posted Live Video in Facebook Unfortunately there’s no Audio in that Video.

We Took one selfie.

Vijayawada Bloggers Meet

We left that Island.

I Think I missed lot in this Article. Will surely update this Article whenever I Remember those Awesome Moments.

Thanks for your effort for reading upto the End _/\_

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