👋 Hi There, I'm MC.Naveen here.
🎓 CS Graduate with Huge Interest in Programming.
💚 Writing Open-Source Softwares.
🐧 I use Linux btw.
✨ Actively Looking for a Job! ✨

  • 🗓️ 2010

    🦄 It's all started with a hobby of gaming in PC. After crying for a month or so, My father decided to get PC for my home. Tbh, It was life saving. I had a Course in my school called SUITS they taught C Progamming. Which sparked my interest in programming. Later, I started building HTML Webpages. During that time I didn't have internet connectivity. I used to visit nearby Browser Center (Internet Cafe) to learn this. Also, I visit library very often to learn more stuffs about computer programming (They had huge collection of books which no one touches, I used to dust before reading) Sometimes, I take my CPU to Internet Cafe. The owner of the Cafe is very friendly.