Let her Bleed with Freedom

Welcome to the taboo topic of All Time. It’s none other than PERIODS. Are you feeling weird? why I’m marking that word in RED Color ?? I just wanted to Indicate it as a Blood Color. Well. It’s a Natural thing that happens to every woman out there !! Including your Mom, Sister everyone.

What are Periods & Why It’s Taboo?

Periods are nothing but a Bleeding of Blood from her Birth Organ every 28 days. The Ovum which is not getting fused with Sperm within the Time span will be sent out automatically by Woman's body, Just to make her safe. Periods usually last up to 5 days or more.

The Women's Body will use Blood as a Medium to send out those Dead Eggs which is not getting Fertile in their time span.

Usually, Girls will loss 3 tea spoons of her Blood during the time of Menstruation.

The period is just a natural thing that happens to each and every woman in this world. When the Woman is on her period. She will feel tired so will feel difficult to accomplish her Routine Work.

In earlier days. She is not allowed to touch anything in the house, Well. Those things are getting changed these days. But in most places, It’s still getting followed.

I’m not sure about in Spiritual way, As per the scientific view, When a Girl is on her period. The spreading of germs is possibly high. So she is not allowed to touch anything.

But still, the World Sees her as an Alien or Some creature from the outer universe. Come on Fellows, It’s just usual in Human Life.

And that pain caused at menstruation time is unimaginable by a Man.

If you’re born in India, Definitely more than 50% of teenage guys are completely unaware of this stuff. Because from the Starting point of time. They told us “It’s a Women's thing.

If you ask Sanitary pad to shop keeper. They will give in Black Color Protected plastic bags to hide it from the outside world. (Quora)

Why are women not Allowed at spiritual Places at the time of their Menstruation?

Well, I’m not an atheist. I worship God.

Leave all those Spiritual stuff. Let's be Scientific. Usually, Spiritual places like Temples, churches, or mosques are surrounded by Positive vibrations.

If the Woman is on her Period, One life is going outside of her body just because she can’t give birth to that ovum. Which is complete Negative Energy.

When the Woman with Periods enters the Temple the Places with All Positive Vibrations will restrict those Negative Energy or Vibrations that will cause the Woman, Trouble in her bleeding.

But, If you see this thing in a Spiritual manner. It’s an Alien thing to Enter a Temple. Because it’s bleeding from her Birth Organ. Wtf !!

How many of you know Kamakhya Temple, Nilachal Hill, in the West of Guwahati, Assam ??

It’s a place where people Worships The Bleeding Goddess. Yes. It’s a Temple for Women who are struggling to get their regular Periods or Menstrual Problems.

The temple also has an annual fertility festival called Ambuwasi Puja in which the goddess is said to be going through her yearly menstrual cycle. The temple remains closed for three days and opens up with great festivities on Day 4. It is also said that the river Brahmaputra turns red during this time. Whether it really is blood, or vermilion put by pandits is a question left unanswered. (Source: scoopwhoop)

Talking about periods is Taboo, But how come Workship the Bleeding Goddess is a Fact !!

Love her Like your Mother, Treat her Like your Queen

When your Girl is on Her Period, She is Disturbed Both Physically and Mentally. She can get angry without any reason. She will cry without letting you know the Problem or being sad.

Don’t force her to do the Stuff. Always remember. She is already facing the pain !!

All the Needs is Caring !!

Whether It’s your sister or your Wife. Be in love with her for periods of time. Help her lot !! She Loves it!

Give her Healthy foods like Veggies, Green leaves, etc.

When a Girl is on her period, She loves to Eat a lot of chocolate.

Chocolate has iron and magnesium which girls lose on their period. Also, if they feel bad, physically or mentally, Chocolate will bring them Happiness. It’s a carbohydrate thing, so it contains a thing called tryptophan. Tryptophan increases serotonin in the brain, and serotonin increases happiness. (Quora)

Make her happy with Little surprises. All she needs is Love and Care.

Well, In a Conclusion. I want to say. Respect her. Support her in hard times. As a man, you won’t be able to come across these painful things. But as a Woman. She should manage these things just for your Happiness.

I wanted to write this article for the past couple of months. But now only I got a better time.

I’m Turning 20 this December. As a 19-Year-old boy. I don’t wanna leave this thing as a taboo one. I should have Knowledge about these things to live happy and Loveable life with my Future wife. and I request everyone to have a little knowledge about these things.

If you Love this Article. Kindly Share with your Friends. I’m not making money from this article. It’s just a message from a 19-Year-old Boy’s Heart.

Love ❤