Time to write more?

It's April 30, 2023. 12:43 AM.

I don't know, All of a sudden I got a feeling to write what's in my heart. I started blogging in 2016, exactly one year after joining my college. I'm not a super consistent guy. But I used to public 4 blog posts a day.

At the End of Three months. I got $100 from AdSense. That's how I made my 1st Internet Dollar. Trust me earning in USD is a big thing. Especially if you're from India.

I get mocked by family members. They complain I always use a computer, play games, and blah blah blah things.

But what they don't know is. I was thinking of myself as the next Mark Zuckerberg. Who gonna make the world upside down with HTML Skills.

I don't know how to use computers until class 9th.

C Programming is my first big thing. What I do is, make the program a binary executable and try to run it without needing to compile it every single time. I felt like a magician.

Now after working with computers almost every day. I feel like, I need a place to dump all my thoughts, and ideas.

I have had this domain name for a while. But never felt like I have to write. Now I'm 25, and not sure how long I'm gonna live. Till then, I'm gonna document once in a while for sure.

Also, Thanks to Internet Archive. Hope my writing will be saved for the future generation.

No, I'm not gonna teach them rocket science.

Still, they may learn something from my writing dump.

✌️ Peace