1% Instagram

The world has changed, and I agree with that.

If you start counting the amount of digital content you consume per day on the scale of calories, it'll overtake your food intake. Because once you start scrolling in the reels tab. It's a non-stop loop.

It's designed in a such way. A short form of video that is so addictive.

In 2023 every single social media is giving privilege to the word "creators" in which more than 99% of the people call themself influencers posting shit stuff. Which includes a couple of videos, and pranks.

Dancing in front of the camera with background music doesn't change the world. Nor it gonna help someone.

This isn't influencing for good. You're making the world a toxic place.

Now the world runs with a fuel of dopamine, like and followers count.

It makes anyone low self-esteem, weak and addictive.

I know it's hard to get out of Instagram or any social media. Even if you go out, your friends will take pictures for sharing on that social media.


Social Network isn't Net Worth.