I bought my first smartwatch

Once upon a time. I was a big fan of tech products and gadgets. Loves to explore new things, learn about them, and share about those on social media.

But life changes right?

I even stopped wearing normal analog watches too. I don't know the exact reason.

Previously I had a Mi Band 2, and 3. Both are pretty good. I use it for sleep tracking, call, and message notification. It's pretty useful.

The problem with that Mi stuff is even though they are available cheap, there won't be a life for those products.

What you get is what you paid for.

Now I bought Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

But why a smartwatch now? After not wearing any watches for close to 3 years.

The answer is, I feel it's time to start exploring some things again.

  • Automation with Tasker
  • Building Apps, etc.

It's still in shipment, Hopefully, I'll get it by tomorrow.